Group Acting Classes at MTB Studio
Acting Classes for Non-Actors
Private Classes and Coaching
Feldenkrais® Voice, Body and Spirit Classes

Group Classes at MTB Studio:

  • Scene Study for Stage and Camera

A true technique class geared for those students serious about learning the craft of Acting. Actors in these classes learn to execute the most powerful and committed choices. Through partnered scene work, group exercises, and individual exercises, actors gain confidence to create more than what is on the page.

These classes challenge the actor's defense system; enabling the actor to work through problems that may be holding them back. Emphasis is put on the command and flexibility of the actor's instrument.

Through the use of cameras, the actor can translate their work to screen or stage as demanded. The scene work will alternate between stage and camera to enable the student to easily translate their work from stage to screen to TV.

All levels are welcome in this class. Material will be selected to support you in terms of where you’re at with your training and help you move on to the next level in your journey as an artist.

Thursday Evenings, 6pm-9pm
Saturday Afternoons, 12pm-3pm
Fee for 4 week Session: $260

Classes are ongoing throughout the year.
Please call 914-772-0780 or email for the dates of the next session

Acting Classes for Non-Actors:

  • Corporate Workshops in Effective Communication

These workshops are fun, interactive combinations of creative drama and applied theatre exercises designed to help with selling and presentation skills including: being more relaxed and present when speaking; speaking and selling more dynamically and with more confidence in one on one situations and to a large group; learning how to be more emotionally invested in and connected to your subject even when you’re not “feeling it” and strategies for effective disagreement.

Kim designs and teaches these Corporate Workshops with teaching artist Lauren Adler. Kim and Lauren will work closely with you to develop a workshop that specifically meets the needs and environment of your company.

The fee for Corporate Workshops is dependent upon the number of participants and the length of the workshop.
Please contact Kim directly:
914-772-0780 or

  • Acting for Everyone Workshop

These workshops are a great way to strengthen communication and team building skills for your school, continuing education program, club or organization-also a great Birthday Party idea! Relaxation techniques, Improvisation and other creative drama exercises will help develop and strengthen the imagination and problem-solving skills. A fun workshop for all participants 14 and up.

Kim will work closely with you to design a workshop for your specific needs.

The fee for Acting for Everyone Workshops is dependent upon the number of participants and the length of the workshop. Please contact Kim directly: 914-772-0780 or for more information.

Private Classes and Coaching:

Private classes are available in person and via SKYPE. Payment for SKYPE classes must be received via PayPal before the class. You may pay via Credit Card on PayPal. Click here for payment page. All private classes are by appointment only and are subject to a 24hour cancellation policy. Please contact Kim directly to book your appointment: or 914-772-0780 or

  • Private Coaching for Actors:

Private coaching is great for audition preparation and for performance preparation.

For auditions, we can polish a monologue or work on your sides so that you can make the strongest and most interesting choices at your audition. 

For performance preparation, we can carefully analyze the script or screenplay and work on character development. Go to your shoot or rehearsal with confidence!

In these private sessions, I also offer relaxation and concentration exercises to help with your nerves and get you grounded. I will tailor your class to your specific needs.

Private Coaching is also available for children and teens.

  • Private Coaching for non-Actors

These private sessions are ideal for students from all walks of life who wish to improve their communication skills. Students will learn relaxation and concentration exercises that will help them become more relaxed, grounded and present. Working with poetry, monologues and famous historical speeches, students will focus on getting more connected the breath and really “speaking from the heart.”

Fee for all private Coaching sessions: $100 for an hour and $50 for a half hour (1/2 hour sessions are only available via SKYPE).

Feldenkrais® Voice, Body and Spirit Classes:

  • For Actors:

    Physical, vocal and emotional tension can impede and disrupt your process as an actor and prevent
    you from being all you can be. With the Feldenkrais Method’s gentle approach to recognizing and
    alleviating physical tension at its core, this class can help relieve tension – resulting in a more
    open integrated instrument for the actor.

Using the slow, gentle movements of the Feldenkrais Method, along with breathing lessons, traditional diction exercises, and prepared text, this unique class can help to bring about awareness and change in how you use your Actor’s Instrument, helping you to express yourself more truthfully in the moment, with more freedom and ease, and improve your ability to play a wider range of characters.

  • For non-Actors:

A great way to warm-up for your day or destress after, Feldenkrais® Voice, Body and Spirit classes can be scheduled early morning before work, lunch breaks or after work and even Sundays. This is a great class for business people, lawyers, doctors, teachers, Moms and anyone else who is so busy "taking care of business" that they forget to take care of themselves.

With the Feldenkrais Method's gentle approach to recognizing and alleviating physical tension at its core, this unique and fun class can help you to feel more grounded, relaxed and focused as well as improve your presentation skills. Each class includes a gentle movement lesson, relaxing breathing lesson and a vocal warm-up and can be tailored to your individual needs

Fee for all private Feldenkrais® Voice, Body and Spirit Classes: $100 for an hour and $50 for a half hour (1/2 hour sessions are only available via SKYPE).