Acting Classes:

"Kim is a dedicated, passionate teacher who provides a safe, supportive environment
while pushing
you to your potential and past it. Taking class with Kim Plumridge was a blessing from the universe."
- Jeremy Burnett
Credits: Stars as Ervin in the Woody Allen Amazon Series “Six Scenes of Crisis” and has guest starred on “Madam Secretary,” “The Leftovers,” “The Blacklist” and Bluebloods.”

"I truly appreciate Kim’s support and encouragement
as a teacher. She coached
me for two of my recent films…teaching me step by step how to develop and bring life to my characters and how to use the tools of internal dialogue and parallel dialogue to truly understand what is going on in each scene. I felt so confident on the set due to Kim’s coaching and I really enjoyed the process!" - Aija Terauda
Credits: Aija stars in the independent feature “Airtight” and in the feature film “Architect of Chaos” as Russian KGB agent Mara Sinkolov. She also guest starred in the Cinemax Series “The Knick.”

“Kim has coached me for auditions on television and in film. She recently coached me for a lead role in a short film where I played an autistic teen; Kim helped me analyze the script and make my character real. I love working with Kim and feel very lucky to have found her”- Benjamin Slater
Recent credits include: Adam in “My Hype” directed by Michael Ellis and Lawrence in “The Death of Cool”/FOX ONLINE

Acting Lessons NY“Over the years, Kim has been an incredible teacher. She has worked with myself, and my children Conrad and Claire since they were 4 and 6 years old. She has helped me personally and countless times to get my monologue right. Her kindness, empathy, and patience sets her apart from anyone else I’ve worked with. To make the transition between working with children and an adult is a feat in itself. She most recently helped my 10-year-old son complete a documentary at Duke University, adjusting his speech with a full set of braces! I cannot recommend her enough.”
-Margaret Luce

Kim Plumridge Acting


Sarah Mannix“I'm so happy I found Kim as my acting coach!! She helped coach me for college auditions, and she was so amazing throughout the entire process. She helped me find amazing monologues, and then helped me delve into each character and bring truth to the scene. I have been admitted to Ithaca College's BFA Acting program and am currently waitlisted at NYU, and I owe a lot of it to Kim! Highly recommend!” -Sarah Mannix


"Kim is a wonderful, insightful and thoughtful teacher. She
is always thoroughly prepared
to teach her students. She is
a caring teacher and teaches
with great skill and intelligence.
I think she's brilliant and highly recommend her to anyone looking to study acting."

-Helen Zalantis Soprano, music teacher


"I can’t tell you how amazing I feel during and after your class. I have never felt so connected until now. It’s inspirational. I feel like I’m free and open.
Thanks, Kim!"
-Jennifer Cintron
Credits:  Williamstown
Theatre Festival:“Blue Room;” Off-Broadway: “Sex, Love and Sometimes Relationships: La Mama, Etc:
“Jack of Tarts”


“Kim Plumridge has been such a blessing. I may not know where my acting career will take me but I do know anything and everything I accomplish is in direct result of what Kim has taught me about acting and about myself. Her ability to communicate with each student differently and according to how they process information is awesome and I have seen her do it time and time again. I trust Kim, that is key to have in your acting coach." -Mia Mendez
Credits: Lead roles in two independent feature films: Selena in “Pantheress” and Philly in “Boston 2 Philly.”


“As an actor, you have
to be willing to expose your inner-most thoughts and emotions to tell the story. It takes a truly special person that you trust in order to find that vulnerability within yourself. I have witnessed Kim provide that trust and inspiration in each of her students.”-Casey Leigh Thompson
Credits: Broadway and National Tour: "Legally Blonde" - Swing; Regional: "42nd Street" - Peggy


“Having studied with Kim for two plus years I learned that so much of what the actor does is about precision. You must know what you are doing and how to apply it. I learned a technique that made me feel grounded and confident and competitive. I learned to watch and listen. I learned how to search myself for solutions and how to approach my own obstacles. The number of “AH HA” moments that I had over the past two years are innumerable. Kim is phenomenal at tailoring her teachings to individuals in each situation. She knows what to do with students that come to her and her patience is endless with those who want to learn. Kim works as hard as you do and will simply get you there if you trust her. I have adopted Kim as my teacher, but I am willing to share.” -Jamal Green
Credits:  Soloist- Rod Rodgers Dance Company, “Ragtime” at the Paper Mill Playhouse, “Dreamgirls” at the Gateway Playhouse, and “Twelfth Night” at the McCarter Theater

“I spent almost a year working in New York City with my acting teacher, Kim Plumridge. I met Kim through my sister, Jean, who was taking acting classes while undergoing chemotherapy. My sister had never acted before but Kim's classes proved to be wonderful therapy for her. In my professional dealings with Kim, I found her to be very encouraging and supportive. She was the first acting teaching/director who emphasized the importance of voice and warm-up exercises. These proved valuable to me when I later was in a stage production of 'Tuesdays with Morrie."  Kim also did an acting workshop for me when I was directing a mostly senior Readers Theater in Williamsport, PA. The workshop proved to be quite an experience for these community theater actors who learned a great deal about acting... and about themselves. Why? Because most of these senior actors had only served under the direction of untrained directors. In sum, Kim is a professionally trained and encouraging acting coach who will improve all those she teaches. I recommend her without reservation.” - Ernest Giglio, Professor Emeritus, actor and director, Prescott, AZ


“I'm so thankful and blessed that I have Kim as
a teacher. I value everything that she has shared with me over the past year regarding the craft and owe a lot of my success in this season of my life
to her guidance. As an artist, there are very few teachers that I can say have contributed to my artistry authentically. Kim is such a teacher. She is truly awesome!" - Anica Scott-Garrell
Credits: “Le Reve” at the Wynn Las Vegas, “The Aluminum Show” and the Australian Tour of “The Lion King.”



Acting for Non Actors

 “It was a delight meeting and working with you! Your workshop was a great, interactive and learning addition to our day-long Midyear Retreat.  Thank you so much for all the thought, energy and creativity you put into the session – we really appreciated it!”—Julie Curtin, Executive Vice President/Partner, Development Counsellors International (DCI)

“Kim Plumridge is more
than a teacher, she is a motivator.  Through Kim's acting class I was able to
tap into my creative side
and experience such joy in such a short period of time.  Between the great meditative and acting exercises, one
is able to connect with places inside that you never knew existed.  It is awesome!  It's more than a class, it's a journey.”
  - Karen Robinson, Business Executive


Feldenkrais® Voice, Body and Spirit Classes

“Kim Rocks!  I felt really comfortable with her and walked out of our sessions clearer headed, centered and soooo relaxed.  Kim helped me release tensions in areas I didn’t even know I had!  Working with Kim was a “reset” and I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur, manager, professional or anyone who wants to maximize their ability to conquer the world!”
Natalie Henriquez
President, HR Edge, Inc

“Kim Plumridge has it all-intelligence, integrity, humor, vision-all the components needed to be a highly effective and compelling Feldenkrais® teacher!”
Marcy Lindheimer
Director, Feldenkrais Learning Center
Guild Certified Assistant Trainer
Trainer, Anat Baniel Method (sm)

“Kim Plumridge is a person of great sensitivity and awareness. She is deeply committed to her work and to her students who benefit from her skill, creativity and dedication.”
Kevin Kortan, Creator of Evolutionary Yoga™

“Kim is a superb Feldenkrais® teacher and an amazing human being.  She is a master of this subtle, gentle and extremely beneficial method and has a true healing presence. The work I do with Kim has definitely helped me to feel more centered, aware and relaxed, and our sessions are lots of fun. I highly recommend the Feldenkrais Method® and Kim in particular.” -Mark Berg, Attorney

“The Feldenkrais work is like no other. I can't thank Kim enough for all that her Freeing Your Voice with the Feldenkrais Method® class at MTB Studio has brought me.  With the tools I have learned from the Feldenkrais class, I am now able to do the work, count on the work doing what it is supposed to do, and being completely grounded and connected.  Knowing that you have more control over your instrument and being able to count on it means everything to an actor.” –Leah Gallimore, Actor

“I am currently in a
Shakespeare Intensive at
The American Globe
Theatre and director John
Basil complimented my
VOICE, and said that
because of where I'm at
with it I am able to explore
more of the musicality within
the heightened language we are working on. What?! I was so shocked and excited because my voice has been a challenge for me, even in film and TV. I know I received this compliment thanks to the gentle guidance of Kim in her Freeing Your Voice with the Feldenkrais Method® class at MTB Studio. This powerful work seems to sneak right into your acting and take it to a whole new level. This class is a blessing, truly: to have such one-on-one coaching, completely tailored to the challenges/issues that need fixing that is beyond affordable for how much you get out of it.” -Alicea Howard, Actor

“The Feldenkrais lessons are already part of my warm
up routine. They help me align my spine, loosen my hip bones, shoulders and jaw.
By the time I’m done with the lessons I can feel and hear my voice resonating throughout my chest and head. (This is without doing any vocal warm up!!!). Alignment is crucial for our work, Feldenkrais is that and some. Do yourself a favor and try Kim’s class Freeing Your Voice with the Feldenkrais Method®
at MTB Studio, it will blow your mind away.” -Daya Mendez, Actor, Voice Over Artist